Joyce Baldinucci, LCSW, LCADC

Founder and Clinical Director



Astute and Thorough

Joyce is an extremely astute and thorough therapist.  She is also compassionate, funny, accessible, and flexible.  She had great insights into our child and was a total pleasure to work with.  There is almost nothing she can’t do.  I respect her judgment and wisdom and am indebted to her.  Thank you, Joyce.


A Critical Juncture

When I started therapy with Joyce, I was at a critical juncture in my life, with many alternative pathways to choose from.  Joyce was calmly able to help me sift through the information and help me find a pathway I was extremely happy with.  Thank you, Joyce!

D. B.

Inner Voice

i just spent and incredible weekend with amazing women. Joyce led a mindfulness retreat, which allowed all of us to speak with our inner voice. The food, environment and discussions touched my heart and fed the soul. Bravo Joyce for changing people’s lives!

W. V. B.

Inspiring Clinician

I have the pleasure of working alongside Joyce and over the last year, she has been an inspiring clinician and colleague. Her mindfulness practice is just naturally a part of her and she brings this into the field with such ease. I believe she embodies the values of the social work mission!

J. W.

Women’s Retreat

This past weekend, I entered a weekend-long women’s retreat thinking I would gain some tips on how to become more present in my daily life. Yes, I did gain those insights — but the weekend was SO MUCH MORE than that! Joyce’s itinerary was perfectly planned and incredibly thoughtful. We set personal intentions, participated in guided meditation, and emerged into a period of silence. We identified personal strengths, spent time in nature, did yoga, bonded as a group, and SO much more. I left the weekend more rested than I have been in years — and, more importantly, with a toolbox full of strategies to stay mindful, reduce stress, and actively dedicate time to self-care. Joyce created a safe, serene space for each of us to recharge and reframe our way of thinking. I walked away feeling like I’d had a magical, eye-opening experience — both in mind and body.

J. G.

A True Mentor

Joyce and I began working at the Center for Great Expectations together. Not only was Joyce a colleague of mine, but a true mentor. Her trauma work with clients, use of EMDR, and mindfulness interventions have been inspiring. Joyce not only left a lasting impact on clients, but on staff as well. Joyce has a natural commitment to her clients and team. She constantly seeks trainings that will enhance her skillset, especially in trauma work. I can truly say that Joyce has made me a better clinician and I am grateful for everything I was able to learn from her.

B. R.