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The Mindfulness Boot

Several weeks ago, I had a day at both ends of the mindfulness spectrum – at one moment incredibly mindful and then equally mindless at another.    My son was home with the flu for a few days and I had been scurrying around keeping him hydrated and trying to disinfect...

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Welcome Your Fears

Fear impacts so many aspects of our lives. We often hold ourselves back from trying new things or taking on challenges because we fear that we’ll fail or that won’t reach some unrealistic standard of perfection. Surprisingly, sometimes it is actually our fear of...

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The Magic of No Expectations

I hosted my first Women’s Mindfulness Retreat this past weekend, creating a program for the weekend that I hoped would be restorative and meaningful to the women who were attending.   I decided to go into the weekend with no expectations – to be completely open to...

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Let’s Make a Deal

I may be dating myself but I vividly remember watching the original Let’s Make a Deal, as TV host Monty Hall presented colorfully costumed contestants with a challenge – to guess which one of three doors, when opened, would reveal the most lucrative prize, possibly a...

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The Danger of “To Do” Lists

I am the queen of Post-It notepads, especially the larger ones that are lined. They are perfect for making to do lists, one of my favorite activities. I especially enjoy creating my lists with fine-tip black Sharpie pens. Somehow the striking bold ink on cheerfully...

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Find Your Happy Place

In a recent article I posted, a clinical psychologist shared his recommendation to clients who call him in moments of significant distress.   He suggests that they take a 30-60 minute walk outside and try to focus on what they observe in nature on moment to moment...

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The Challenge of Black Granite Counters

You may be wondering what black granite counters have to do with mindfulness? Stay with me for a moment and it will become apparent. I’ll admit that I can be a bit obsessed with cleaning – especially kitchens. I think it comes from my Italian-American mother who...

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Bring Mindful Attitudes to Your Daily Experience

Many people resist exploring mindfulness practice because they assume that it means long periods of “formal” meditation practice – sitting quietly on a yoga mat on the floor, eyes closed, mind clear, in perfect harmony with the universe.  Often clients or prospective...

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